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Cell Corner has commenced its business in year 1998 and we, Cell Corner Company (Pvt) Limited established in 23rd November 2003 in the minds of becoming one of the best Mobile Phones and accessories Marketer, Representative and Agent of Sri Lanka that provide professional services with cost effective solutions while achieving the customer’s time targets and quality. Year 2013 Cell corner Company (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated and engaged in designing and marketing mobile phones to local market collaborating with China. Cell Corner Company (Pvt) Limited aims to link together the hearts of the people of the world and contribute to the realization of a secure, safe, comfortable, and convenient ever-present network society, through cutting- edge technology in mobile communications devices. In 2013  Cell Corner Company (Pvt) Ltd formulate a oversize leaf by assembly its exclusive Sole distributorship of Mobile Phones with the introduction of the “CITYCALL” brand to Sri Lanka. For the Product, Quality & Commitment we received the TRCSL certificate for all their mobile phones under “CITYCALL” brand name. CITYCALL branded mobile phones took Sri Lankan Mobile market to a different level with high market penetration and capturing a considerable market share at present in Sri Lankan. Reputation for Quality, Customer Care service & affordability which Cell Corner company (Pvt) Ltd has grown to enjoy, is built upon the groundwork of truthful attempt, resilience, intelligent direction and skillful execution facets of the vision of Chairman. Under his manipulation, Cell Corner company (Pvt) Ltd has with more than 25 employees, widely spread Distributor network & strong dealer network within a very short period. We shall also actively focus on global development collaborations to support the creation of new product line-ups, and on the strategic utilization of intellectual property. Therefore, we may contribute to the healthy development of the

Who we are

Utilization of Advanced Technology, Increase Efficiency, Proficiency, Work to limited time frame, Maximize output to perfection and satisfaction with expertise, Knowledge competence & experience, Minimize delays, Expedite entrusted duties cause less mental trauma, stress & strain.

With Dignity and Integrity to buildup second to none recognized, renowned, reputed, and prestigious Company.

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